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Chain documents

Chain creates non-fungible, traceable, & revocable documents. Each document converts to .i2c. For example:

  • .docx becomes .docx.i2c, and
  • .pdf becomes .pdf.i2c.
var boolResponse = sdk.initSDK(API_KEY_VALUE);
Response<String> response = sdk.getAuthToken(userName, password);
var result = sdk.chain(authToken, Classification.CONFIDENTIAL, fileContent, fileName);
Share Chained Documents

Share Chained artifacts securely within and outside the domain, establish chain-of-custody, and or harvest evidence quality (cryptographically verifiable) audit logs.

Response<String> response = sdk.share(authToken, recipients, docIdList, mailAttr);
View Immutable Transaction Logs

Available with paid service

Non-fungible Certified documents

Chain Certificates and obtain lifetime Certificate weblink.

Optional traceable actions on the web link.

Please Contact Sales to register issuing authority: