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  • APIs to uniquely encrypt, store, or share

  • Lifetime traceability inside & outside the enterprise

  • Compliant collaboration via Email, Text, Slack, or Teams

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User-to-user secure emails

Outlook and Gmail add-ins

Application-to-user secure emails and texts

Embed i2Chain APIs in your digital process

WHY i2Chain?

Intuitive Classification Technology

i2Chain’s zero-click technology automatically “Chains” documents through encryption and classification that inject predefined access rights & policies. All actions performed on the Chained documents are recorded on an immutable ledger to harvest real-time evidence quality audit logs.

Easy, Secure, and Privacy-compliant file Distribution

The Chained documents are secure and privacy-compliant. Enterprises use the intuitive i2Chain app to predefine clouds and folders for automatic Chaining using i2Chain’s zero-click technology. The users share and distribute the Chained files using i2Chain developed add-ins for Outlook, Gmail, and other sharing tools. The recipients consume the Chained files easily and freely.

Ransom-proofing your enterprise content

Chained files are individually encrypted with policies and immutably traceable providing enterprise owners full control of their content. The actions of a hacker that may successfully breach an end-point or content cloud will be thwarted on chained files, folders, and clouds. 

Modern and adaptable application

i2Chain integrates with your applications, private clouds, public clouds like Google, One Drive, DropBox, Sharepoint, open and proprietary files systems like IBM, HP, etc., and most of the collaboration tools Outlook, Gmail, and others.

Key differentiators

Encrypted emails and files

Security travels with Chained document

Evidence quality forensics/ audit logs

API based secure emails

Non-intrusive & zero trust architecture

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